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Get pregnant faster, avoid pregnancy naturally, or better understand your body with the world's most powerful and useful fertility charting system.

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Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy, or understand your body, Kindara helps you meet your goals.


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With Kindara, charting your cycle is easy.
It takes a minute a day.


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You'll know exactly what's going on with your body.

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The Science

Kindara is based on the Fertility Awareness Method. A woman charts her primary fertility signs to learn if she is fertile or not, every day.


Basal Body Temp

The temperature in your mouth when you wake up in the morning.


Cervical Fluid

The fluid produced by your cervix. It’s entirely normal and healthy, and changes throughout your menstrual cycle.

These two primary fertility signs tell you about the hormone levels in your body. You can use this information to find out exactly when you are fertile

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women by providing the tools and knowledge they need to live their best lives and optimize their health.

The Most Useful Fertility App on the Planet

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What People Are Saying:

“We will be welcoming our first child in early November :) Kindara's clarity empowered me and opened understanding and amazement at my own body. How did I miss that in 17 years of gyno visits, yet find it in an app?”


“I have a deep love for Kindara and all the things it allows me to track. Also love the optional symptoms, I track my migraine headaches alongside my cycles to see which hormonal shifts trigger them.”


“Kindara is by far my favorite fertility tracking app. I can't be on hormonal birth control because it makes me feel awful! With Kindara's help, I can be confident that I won't get pregnant without having to be on the pill :) yay!”


“I used Kindara to get pregnant and after tracking 3 cycles, was successful. I'm now 7/8 weeks and expecting our first child in December. I look forward to using it again after baby :)”