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Empowering Women to Take Control of their Reproductive Health

Learn About The Priya Fertility Monitor

Introducing the New Priya Personal Fertility System

Ovulation tracking for the seriously ready to get pregnant. Maximize your chances of getting pregnant by knowing when you are most fertile. 

Ovulation prediction, ovulation confirmation and cycle insights first cycle of use.  

See How Priya Works

Meet the Award-Winning Kindara Fertility Tracking App

A women's fertility platform to help you become the master of your health. When you are ready to get pregnant, we've got you covered.


  • Accurate period predictions
  • Easy to read charts
  • Supportive community
  • Fully customizable data tracking 
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What Can Kindara Do for You?

Kindara helps thousands of women achieve their fertility goals each month. Listen to real user stories from saving a pregnancy to achieving body awareness while naturally managing PCOS . What can Kindara do for you?

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Reviews from real users who love our app.

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Easy and beautiful

“I've been charting for over 5 years now and just stumbled upon this app recently. I'm thrilled! This app also makes me feel like I'm not alone. None of my friends use charts and so I felt like an enigma. Now there is a whole community of women who are tracking their cycles like me!”

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Mountain Girl!

Amazing way to learn about your cycle!

“I am so thankful for this app! Without it, I would have been trying to conceive at the wrong time. I definitely recommend this app if you are trying to learn more about your cycle.”

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Love Kindara!

“I have been using Kindara for about a month now and absolutely love it. Its super simple and easy yet very appealing and pretty looking and it has great features that work for all types or womens situations. I just love it. Thanks Kindara!”

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Got me pregnant!

“I don't think I would have charted without this app. After watching my cycle through 10 months of setbacks (endometriosis, fibroids) I knew exactly when my cycle had gotten back to normal. And sure enough, I'm pregnant now, for the first time, at age 41!”

Ready to Connect with Your Body?

With solutions that allow you to take responsibility of your fertility and health, understanding your body has never been easier. Learn more about our products and start taking control of your fertility today.



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“Turns out, I got my LH surge in the middle of the day! If it weren't for Priya, I would've gotten the timing wrong and missed my window for the IUI! Thanks to Priya, we're pregnant! Cannot recommend this enough!”

Kathryn R

“The sensor cannot be felt in the body. The ease of use and ability to forget about having to take my temperature every morning before any movement. I cannot feel the ring when wearing it.”

Priya Customer

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