How it Works

 Wink is here to help you achieve your fertility goals.
Step 1

Take your Temperature

Use Wink to take your BBT at the same time every morning before getting out of bed.

Step 2

Sync Automatically

Your temperature and the time it was taken automatically syncs with the Kindara app (iPhone or Android).

Step 3

Understand Your Body

Better data, a supportive community &/or your practitioner can help you achieve your fertility goal.

Seamless tracking to achieve your fertility goal

Wink will accurately record your BBT up to 4x faster and sync automatically with the Kindara app.

Better data means you can take better ownership of your reproductive health and achieve your fertility goal with more ease.

Wink by Kindara has been named a finalist in the What to Expect Awards for Best TTC Tech. A true testament to it's best-in-class technology.

Wink Makes Charting Quick & Easy!
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Meet your fertility goals and better understand your body with the world's most powerful and useful fertility charting system.