Wink Supply

We goofed, and we are sorry!

If you are seeing this, you probably want to order Wink.  Unfortunately, we are temporarily out of stock on our website as demand has exceeded our production in the last few months.  With so many people becoming familiar with Wink due to our SeedInvest campaign, we sold way more than our projections indicated we would.

The good news is we have more Winks coming and we will ship them to you in early February.  Ordering today will ensure your Wink will be among the first shipped as soon as we receive them.

Also, if you want to consider investing in a company that is selling a high demand product like Wink, check out our investment page at

From all of us at Kindara, thanks for supporting us and we apologize for the delay.

Warmest Regards,

Ira Hernowitz


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