Wink FAQs

How can Wink help me get pregnant faster?

Wink measures your basal body temperature, a key fertility sign that corresponds with the level of progesterone in your body. Recording this data and other fertility information in Kindara allows you to determine if and when you're ovulating, if there are any cycle irregularities that need to be addressed before conception, and the exact time to have intercourse to conceive successfully.

Can Wink help me with PCOS, thyroid, or other cycle problems?

Keeping track of your basal temperature is great information to share with your doctor to help figure out common reproductive health issues like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, hyper or hypo thyroidism, endometriosis, and many others.

How do I use Wink?

Wink is designed to take oral basal body temperature readings. Just put Wink under your tongue when you wake up and wait for a gentle vibration. Review your temperature chart and analyze your fertility data in the Kindara mobile app when you're awake and ready.

How accurate is Wink?

We know how important it is to get accurate temperature readings, so we spent a lot of time making sure Wink is the most accurate basal thermometer on the market. All your temperature readings will be within ±0.10°C (0.18°F) in the range of 33.0°C to 37.2°C (93.0°F to 99.0°F) and no individual reading will be more than ±0.10°C (0.18°F) outside typical body temperature range.

How long does it take Wink to measure a temperature?

Wink takes your temperature in about 20 seconds. Achieving high accuracy that fast requires some new technology and Wink's high-sensitivity thermistor and patent-pending tip shape helps make this feat possible.

Wink is so fast - can it really be called a basal body thermometer?

Yes. We designed Wink using a new, high-tech thermistor as well as a new algorithm that makes Wink faster, more sensitive, and more precise than other basal body thermometers available.

Does Wink sync temperatures to my device?

Wink uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to sync your temperature automatically with the Kindara mobile app on your Android or iOS device. Wink does not use WiFi or your mobile data network to sync. As long as your device is Bluetooth-enabled, Wink will sync with it within 100 feet.

Does Wink measure temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Both. You can set your Wink to measure temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius within the Kindara mobile app on your device.

To what precision does Wink measure my temperatures?

Wink measures all your temperatures to the hundredth of a degree. You can configure your Wink and Kindara to display temperatures in tenths or hundredths within the Kindara mobile app on your device.

What happens if I take multiple temperatures with Wink in the same day?

You can take your temperature as many times as you like. Every temperature you take will be synced with your Kindara mobile app for the proper day, along with the time you took it. If you take multiple temperature readings in a day, the most viable basal temperature (according to our algorithm) will be synced into your data for that day. The other temperatures you took will be stored with your account.

How many entries of temperatures and times does Wink hold?

Wink will store up to 30 temperatures between syncs with your device.

Can you look through past temperatures on Wink?

Although Wink stores up to 30 temperature entries, you can only view the last recorded temperature on Wink itself. However, you can access all your temperatures on the Kindara app.

What are Wink's dimensions?

Wink is 3.75in (95mm) in height, 1.4in (35mm) in width, and 0.75in (19mm) in depth. We wanted it to be comfortable to hold and easy to find while being discreet enough to fit nicely into a purse.

How much does Wink weigh?

Wink weighs 1.6oz (45g).

How do I turn Wink on or off?

Where we're going, we don't need an on/off switch! Wink has an accelerometer and position sensor that allows it to turn on when it's gently shaken or when its top is removed from the base. When Wink's top is placed back into its base or not moved, it syncs any new information to your device and turns off.

Do Wink's batteries need to be changed and how often?

Wink does not run on replaceable batteries. Instead, you can charge Wink with the provided Micro-USB cable, or any Micro-USB cable you have on hand. Wink charges within a couple hours and with daily use will need to be charged about once a month.

How loud and annoying is Wink's beep?

We hate beeping thermometers, so we made Wink not beep at all! Instead, Wink gently vibrates when your temperature measurement is complete so you won't be annoyed by beeping or accidentally wake up someone sleeping near you.

How strong is Wink's vibration?

The vibration is especially calibrated to be gentle and comfortable but detectable while in your hand or mouth. Wink will vibrate just enough so that you will feel it, but not enough for it to move in your mouth or irritate your teeth.

How durable is Wink?

Wink is made with a rubberized exterior and is resistant to dents and scratches. We've designed Wink to be water resistant with a battery that’s been tested to last up to 3 years.

What is Wink made of? Is Wink Latex-free?

Wink is made out of a class VI biocompatible thermoplastic elastomer, polycarbonate, and stainless steel. In general, thermoplastics are considered latex-free, so there is very little, if any, concern regarding the use of thermoplastics in latex-allergic individuals. However, it is always best to follow the advice cited in the Latex Allergy Support Group Latex Allergy Support Group.

Will Wink work if I travel to different time zones?

Yes. Wink records times in Universal Time, which the app will display based on your local timezone setting.

Can I see the display in the dark?

Yes, Wink has a beautiful backlit LED display that is easy to read in sunlight and in the dark alike.

How do I clean Wink?

Wink can be cleaned with a wash cloth and mild cleaning agent.

Can I use Wink as a fever thermometer?

Sure! Wink works well for measuring any body temperatures and it's more accurate than most fever thermometers on the market currently.

Does Wink fit comfortably in my mouth?

Yes. Wink's temperature probe is flexible for added comfort. You may also notice the slim profile of Wink's temperature probe, which makes Wink more comfortable in your mouth.

Will Wink sync automatically with the device I already use? What devices are compatible with Wink?

Wink is compatible with all iOS devices that are Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy enabled. This includes iPhone 4s and up, iPad 3rd generation and up (including iPad mini and iPad Air) as long as they are running iOS 8 or higher. Wink supports Android devices running Android 4.4. Your device must be Bluetooth Low Energy-ready in order to sync with Wink, otherwise you can still use Wink without syncing. For a complete list of Bluetooth Smart-ready devices, check here.

What if my roommate and I both have Winks? Will the two Winks still sync correctly?

Yes, during the pairing process, Kindara confirms that you are pairing to the correct Wink. From there, your Wink is connected to your Kindara account, so it will not sync your temperatures to other devices.

What data does Wink send to my phone?

Wink measures your basal body temperature (a primary fertility sign) as well as the time you took your temperature, and sends both to the Kindara app so you can understand what's happening with your body each and every day.

What if my phone isn't around?

No problem! Wink stores up to 30 temperature and time recordings and will send them all to your paired mobile device once your Bluetooth-enabled phone is within 100 feet.

I typically have Bluetooth turned off. Can I disable my Bluetooth and just sync with Wink when I'm ready to turn my phone's Bluetooth back on?

Bluetooth does need to be enabled on your device in order for Wink to sync to the Kindara app. But if you usually leave Bluetooth off on your phone, Wink will store your data for 30 entries until it can sync with your device again. As long as you enable Bluetooth on your device with Wink within 100 feet away, you can successfully sync your data when you want.

What's included with my order?

Each Wink order includes a sleek new Wink and a Micro-USB cord for charging.

Is there a warranty for Wink?

Wink has been designed and engineered to work for you for many years and comes with a limited one year warranty.

Where is your return policy?

Right here.

What if I get pregnant before Wink arrives, can I cancel my order?

You can still use Wink to monitory your pregnancy or to use it to monitor your fertility after pregnancy. However, you can return it for a refund.

When will I receive my Wink?

Wink ships 3-7 days after purchase. All Winks are currently shipped USPS First Class. Once your Wink ships, you'll receive an email with tracking details.

Where can I find information about Wink's regulatory compliance?

In the US, Wink is registered with the FDA.

In Europe, we have a CE mark and our declaration of conformity can be found here.

Is Wink available outside the US?

Yes! Wink orders placed on our website can be shipped to many different countries. All international orders have a flat shipping fee of $19.95 USD. Depending on your country's requirements, there will likely be a VAT (value added tax) that you will have to pay to pick up your package. This is different for each country. International orders are shipped USPS First Class.

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