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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Kindara helps you store and visualize your charting data. We give you the tools so you have the power (and responsibility) of your fertility in your hands.

If you are trying to avoid pregnancy and you are using the fertility awareness-based method or Natural Family Planning, it is extremely important to understand the rules of avoiding pregnancy and how to apply them to your body. While the Kindara App provides a way to digitally record your fertility data, the app does not apply these rules for you or provide any recommendations about when it is safe to have intercourse if you’re trying to avoid a pregnancy.

If you are using the fertility awareness-based method and do not want to become pregnant, it is critical that a proven method of birth control is used during anytime where your fertility signs indicate you could be fertile, such as a barrier method or abstinence.

The Kindara App is designed to be a digital journal to allow users to collect and visualize their fertility data, allowing users to view and interpret the data in a more efficient way than a paper-based chart.

How Not to Waste Another Month When Trying to Conceive
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