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kathryn r success story iui priya same sex couple

Kathryn R: Successful IUI with Priya

My partner and I are a same-sex couple, and after hitting our second year of marriage, we decided we were ready to try for a family. We decided to take the route of an IUI, rather than a ICI or IVF. Priya was an amazing tool for me while preparing for my IUI! I'd been tracking for 3 months prior to our first IUI, so I'd become familiar with my ovulation patterns, but I was having a hard time tracking my BBT because I have a very irregular work schedule! Some days I work at 4:30am, some days I work at noon. That's when I found Priya. I thought it sounded amazing — a tool that would track my temperature for me? Sign me up!

After using the Priya for 3 months, I finally made it to our IUI month! Priya had already gotten my fertile window down — better than even I had! My doctor put me on Clomiphene at the beginning of my cycle, told me to start testing ONLY in the morning on CD10, and predicted that I should ovulate around day 11-12 of my cycle. All my OPK tests and body aches were suggesting that as well, but I never quite hit high enough LH levels to be ovulating. Well, Priya was a great help, because after those days came and went, I turned to Priya to see when it predicted my ovulation. And it was spot on! I tracked using OPKs only in the morning until my predicted fertile window, when I started tracking 3 times a day. Turns out, I got my LH surge in the middle of the day! If it weren't for Priya, I would've gotten the timing wrong and missed my window for the IUI!
Thanks to Priya, we're pregnant! Cannot recommend this enough!

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