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Whitley H: Finding Community

Whitley H: Finding Community

This story was submitted to Kindara by Whitley H.

I've been tracking with Kindara for less than a year and I've finally been able to understand my cycle in a way that a once yearly visit to my gynecologist never could. I would try to explain my feelings about my cycle but wasn't armed with the knowledge and would forget stuff that happened too long ago.
I have been persistent with my feminine health for 3 years now and only since tracking my cycles on Kindara did I finally get a diagnosis of PCOS. I credit tracking on a simple app like Kindara to that. Other apps want so much info that it becomes a hassle to even track and I gave up but Kindara let me customize what I felt was important and that has made all the difference.

I haven't just learned from my charts though. The women with similar cycles and frustrations as mine have been a wonderful community and wealth of information. Some were ahead of me on their paths and others behind but we all veered toward the same goal of making a baby. I learn so much every day and am always happy to pass on my own findings.

I am still awaiting my BFP but I know that I will continue using Kindara until I get there and relying on the wonderful community here as I do it. :)

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