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Victoria B: Freedom from hormones

Victoria B: Freedom from hormones

I started my period for the first time ever in Fall 2014 when I was 23 years old (delayed due to a brain surgery that I had as a child). In Fall 2015, I started on the pill form of birth control in order to "regulate my cycle" according to my doctor & my mom. When I told them both that I was experiencing bad side effects pretty early-on, they both recommended that I stay on the pill & "ride it out", but I was miserable since I experienced almost every negative possible side-effect from the pill.
After 4 months of being on it, I was fed up & stopped taking it in January 2016 and felt almost instantly like myself again. Also, I really didn't need to be on the pill since I was a virgin & was waiting to have sex until I got married, which happened in December 2018. I also did research before stopping the pill & just decided to trust my body to balance itself out eventually, which it did.
Once my now-husband and I were engaged in 2018, we talked about what form of birth control we wanted to use once we got married. We both didn't feel comfortable with the risks of taking the pill, so I got to researching & found Kindara. OMG!!!! Kindara opened our eyes to the higher effectiveness of using Kindara's charting to record my temperature & CM every day.
We have successfully avoided pregnancy since getting married in December 2018. My husband also is engaged with understanding how the female cycle works and can view my charts to know when is a good day for sex, based off of the data that I update in the app every day.
Kindara has given us the confidence to enjoy our sex life with confidence & freedom without fear or uncertainty. Thank you Kindara!!!!

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