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Twinkle A: Empowering others by spreading the word about fertility charting

Twinkle A: Empowering others by spreading the word about fertility charting

This story was submitted to Kindara by Twinkle A.

My Kindara Story:

When I married my -now- Husband in 2010, I was on a traditional method of birth control and suffered the miscarriage of an unplanned pregnancy a few months later. Since then I've longed for a better way, not just to avoid or achieve pregnancy, but to really get a true understanding of my body and cycles.

Two years later we abandoned BC and started trying to get pregnant. The stress and disappointment every month when I would get my period was almost too much for me. It took us four months before I conceived. During that pregnancy, my best friend shared with me a book called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” and as I paged through I saw what I had been looking for.

I soon purchased three copies of the book for myself and to give/lend out and by the time our child was born, I understood more about my body and cycles than I ever had before! Part of me was angry that this charting method isn't more widely taught or understood by women's health professionals but I vowed it would be our go-to method of BC and all our children (girls AND boys) would have this book as part of their biology lessons in our Homeschool. My Husband agrees: our daughter(s) will know their bodies better than I did growing up and our son(s) will be able to help their wives understand their bodies and be able to have an active role in BC or pregnancy achievement within their relationships.

While reading the book and learning the charting theory I couldn't see myself having a mountain of paper containing my charts so I went to the App Store to see if some wise person or company had developed an aid for smart phones in this area. I was so pleased to find Kindara! So simple, so streamlined, so easy to use and FREE! I began charting my base temps immediately and have since included all three fertility signs in my record keeping.

Because of charting, I now know I was encouraged to/labor induced with my son before the 40th week of gestation. That will never happen again! I'm currently pregnant with our second child and thanks to charting on Kindara I know the DAY I conceived! My “due date” is not a guess this time based on a meaningless day of a past cycle. I did the math and if I were basing it on the LMP it would be more than two weeks off/early.

I love Kindara and have told all my friends about it. I'm so excited that you have come out with Wink as I can see how this addition will make the process even more simple. Never going back to traditional BC! Thank God for Kindara!

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