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Rebecca G: How Kindara helped me have a healthy baby

Rebecca G: How Kindara helped me have a healthy baby

This story was submitted to Kindara by Rebecca G.

How Kindara helped me have a healthy baby:I've been using fertility awareness for the past 17 years, but the Kindara app helped immensely after my fourth baby was born. I used it consistently for well over a year and was able to look back at past charts to see patterns. This record proved incredibly important when, last Christmas, I discovered I was expecting my fifth! December had been extremely stressful, so ovulation occurred a full two weeks later than usual. My doctor wanted to set my due date from LMP, which would have set it to the end of August. I knew this was too early, so I showed off my data and got my date moved forward two weeks.

Fast forward to the end of pregnancy. I have fast, hard labors, so my doctor suggested we induce at 39 weeks. At the last minute, I decided against it. I'd had natural births every time, and I didn't want anything else. I easily went past the original due date - Aug 24, then past my "adjusted" due date - Sept 4. My doctor grew more and more restless and finally insisted on induction. Before the appointment, however, my little one decided to appear - Sept 10th, healthy and perfect. Imagine had I not been charting! I might have been induced as early as mid-August, possibly too early for my body and baby's best outcome. And I certainly wouldn't have been allowed to go 18 days "late." Thank you, Kindara, for helping me have a healthy baby and natural delivery!

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