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Rachel N: Tracking with Kindara Provided Info Needed to Diagnose PCOS

Rachel N: Tracking with Kindara Provided Info Needed to Diagnose PCOS

I started using Kindara in April of 2015, two months before getting married. I was looking for a non-hormonal birth control method, as I'd never been on the pill and didn't want to start! After reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility, I was hooked on using the fertility awareness method, and my husband was completely on board.

I thought to myself "there must be an app for that!" and found Kindara.

I loved how simple and straightforward the app is to use, while also providing complete information for my charts. I also really like that the app encourages women to follow their own observations to determine where we are in our cycles, rather than trying to calculate dates automatically and risking women making inaccurate assumptions about our cycles.

Fast forward to today, and we have been trying to conceive for a year now. Thanks to Kindara and my charts, I realized early in our TTC journey that I was having a problem with my cycles. I went to my FAM-friendly doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor was so impressed with my charts, and my knowledge of my cycles and my body.

We are still on this road, but now I have the medical help I need, and we are optimistic about getting pregnant. The community of ladies on Kindara has been invaluable throughout this journey. It is wonderful to know I'm not alone, and to be able to stand with other women in support and encouragement. Thank you Kindara!


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