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Nicole G: Understanding her body after birth control

Nicole G: Understanding her body after birth control

I started using Kindara in October 2019 after coming off the pill to better understand my body and my cycle in advance of trying to conceive. By tracking my temperatures, CM, and other factors, I realized that I was not having a normal cycle and was not ovulating. My temperatures were consistently low (95.9–96.5), I had no changes in CM, and I was not getting a period. This prompted me to research what was going on, and I found out I had hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA), stemming from a history of restricting and intense training for bodybuilding competitions.

After three months of increasing my food and reducing training intensity, I got my first period! Using Kindara, I was able to see that my temperatures started to get back to normal (97.0-97.4), I watched the jump in my chart after ovulation (97.6-98.1), and I was able to track changes in CM and other signs of ovulation as hints that my period was coming.

Now, I can continue to use Kindara to better understand my cycle and be better prepared to start TTC later this year!

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