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Lindsey B.E.: Timing conception with fertility charting

Lindsey B.E.: Timing conception with fertility charting

This story was submitted to Kindara by Lindsey B.E.

My first and only conception was pretty much expert status. I was a conception ninja. I had my paper, pencil, mercury thermometer, ovulation sticks, egg white fingers, nose feeling cervix. We freakin' nailed it. We achieved the elusive "hole in one." My husband said it was like a mythological experience where he was some god like being planting his seed in an earthly being, saying now you will bear my child. And I did.

Fast forward two years skipping over lots of other shit storms. We are ready to have another child. I have been using Kindara for almost 6 months. I mainly have been using it to track my periods until we were ready to pull the so called trigger again. And last month was trigger month. I started tracking my BBT using one of my 100 thermometers from my child. The first thermometer is used was stuck on Celsius, the second one seemed cheap, inaccurate, and seemed to give me the same temperature no matter what. So, I recalled my midwife saying the old school thermometers work the best (which I used last time but have long since lost). Did you know that you have to hold those glass thermometers in your mouth for THREE minutes? First thing in the morning, its still dark in your room, your husband is sleeping, you set you timer on your phone for three minutes, you wake up to the alarm and the thermometer has fallen out of open snoring mouth.

Needless to say I don't have a clue what my BBT was last month. I did keep track of my CF and they seemed to be very fertile. But low and behold Aunt Flow visited Wednesday. Which I highly suspected when I wanted to punch my husband in the throat for forgetting to buy dog food. Oh hormones. I'm so ready to complete our family with one last bundle of joy. Make it happen Kindara ;)

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