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Krystal W: Learning about Fertility Awareness with the help of Kindara... and her fiance!

Krystal W: Learning about Fertility Awareness with the help of Kindara... and her fiance!

This story was submitted to Kindara by Krystal W.

I am 29 years old and I am TTC; this will be my first child. I happen to come across the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility" at a friends house and could not put it down. I never knew that there was so much to know about my own body! I knew not one thing about charting and CF and the changes or the CP or temping! I found out there are benefits to charting all of these things. Being in tune with your own body is amazing!

After reading the book I searched for an app to help me get started. I am so happy that I found Kindara on my first search. This app is amazing! There is still so much for me to learn, but I am learning in phases (crawl walk run). Not only does Kindara help to chart your fertility, but the community is amazing! I didn't know there were so many people who knew about charting! Everyone is so helpful. Fertility has it's own language, it took me a while to know what everyone was talking about and referring to (TTC tww ewcm cp and the list goes on). What I like about this app is that it has reminders. If anyone is like me I have a hard time getting into routines and keeping up with them lol. My phone chirps if I forgot to temp and in the afternoons it chirps to tell me to check CF. I didn't set these reminders so when I first heard them go off I could not figure out why my phone was making weird noises (an entirely different story within itself lol). 

Although this is my first month charting, I am more in tune with my body than I was a month ago. I feel like I go to sleep just to wake up to check Kindara. My fiance is all into this charting as well, it's too cute. He rolls out of bed grabs the BBT and says "aahh" opening his mouth to get me to open mine. I try to keep the thermometer on my side of the bed but for some reason when I come home it is moved or hidden, initially I thought I was losing it but every morning he happens to know exactly where it is. All I can do is smile, while laughing on the inside. He asks everyday how is our chart looking or asks did I record the temps in Kindara. So every other day I share the chart with him while he is at work (send it to him on his phone). I check the community frequently throughout the day. So much that when we are laying down he asks what is new with the community what does other charts say, what's the other dots under the chart and asks how come he doesn't know about the other symptoms lol. 

I haven't gotten the CF check down just yet but he asks if I need some assistance (that's a bit weird and don't allow it). He does a bit of research everyday and always has something new to say. His new thing is "implantation" shaking my head. Every phone call I receive from him he says "implantation?" Or if my head hurts or stomach cramps he goes around the house singing implantation! Kindara and community we have created a monster!

I want to say thank you for creating such a app full of resources and it's own knowledge base, community, all of the settings, symptom charting, predicting support, and accuracy. We will never be uninformed again! I am 7DPO am in my TWW, we will see if this is our month, fingers crossed! Even if it isn't I am another step closer and have gained so much knowledge already. I definitely know that I ovulate! Oh and a new meaning for well you know! BD, which is another thing my fiancé has added to his memory bank!

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