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Kristina G: Discovering the Fertility Awareness Method

Kristina G: Discovering the Fertility Awareness Method

This story was submitted to Kindara by Kristina G.

I am a lot of things, but happy with my cycle has never been one of them. It always seemed to lack rhythm, routine, or predictability, and irregular periods are not my idea of a fun surprise or suspenseful life plot.

In a society that believes everything can be fixed with a pill, the only advice I ever received about these irregular cycle patterns was to use hormonal birth control. For years, I did. For years, I had zero sex drive and suffered from persistent yeast infections. I tried everything; pills, patches, shots. Nothing could regulate my cycle without burdening my life with a host of more irritating problems.

Enter: Kindara. Whoa, what a novel concept: I can be feminist and powerful without using hormonal birth control?! I can believe in women's rights and be proud of the way my body works without the "assistance" of the medical field? I can use this information to take charge of my family planning?! I can use this information to naturally avoid pregnancy, as effective as most other birth control products?! Score. Goodbye hormonal birth control. Goodbye negative side effects. Goodbye feelings of helplessness.

Enter: Frustration. Why didn't I learn about this form of birth control when I was required to take sex ed in high school? What about when I was an "adult" and studied human sexuality in college? What about when I presented my terrible side effects to my doctor? What about when I was learning what it means to enter into the sacrament of Catholic marriage, wherein hormonal and barrier birth control methods are prohibited?

Enter: Gratitude. Better late than never. This app and the supporting community make it easy. Easy to learn, easy to trust, easy to adhere to. This app has made me feel in control, and proud of the way my body works. Maybe my cycle isn't always exactly 28 days, but it does have a rhythm, and by using this app, I have learned to appreciate the intricacies of my body in ways I never imagined possible. Thank you for helping me love me in ways I never thought I could.

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