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Kristin S: Pinpointing ovulation to time home insemination

Kristin S: Pinpointing ovulation to time home insemination

This story was submitted to Kindara by Kristin S.

My partner and I started using Kindara about a year ago when we knew we wanted to try to have a baby. We used a process called home insemination and needed to get a very clear picture as to my ovulation window and peak fertility times. I tracked my cycle using Kindara for about 5 months. I couldn't believe how helpful it was! Kindara allowed me to organize the signs my body showed me and clearly mapped out my fertile times.

We planned for our insemination in April and in March, my period was a few days late. I think this was simply due to stress. We needed to push back the dates for April and, since Kindara had so much information on my cycle history, easily predicted when I would ovulate the next month. We changed our insemination dates accordingly, and I was able to conceive exactly as we hoped. 

We are expecting our baby in January, and couldn't be more thrilled!!

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