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Kristen B: Building body literacy to avoid and achieve pregnancy

Kristen B: Building body literacy to avoid and achieve pregnancy

I first stumbled upon Kindara in 2013 after taking Natural Family Planning classes through our church and wanting to ditch the antiquated paper charting system. Kindara seemed to be the perfect solution and I quickly got the hang of using it. Originally I was using it to learn about my cycles after having stopped taking birth control.
I had been taking birth control for nearly 10 years and had no clue what my natural cycles were like. It wasn’t long before I began to see a pattern emerge, and it felt like each cycle, I learned more and more about myself.
For about 1 year, my husband and I used charting via Kindara as our exclusive form of birth control until we were ready to begin our family in 2015. Since then we have achieved pregnancy very quickly, each time resulting in two children, ages 4 and 2, with one more on the way due to arrive in March of 2021.
Although we have had great success with using this app to track my fertility, we have also used it to help guide us through the difficult times of loss. Not all of our pregnancies have resulted in a child and in those instances, Kindara helped in providing clarity, understanding, and the promising light of a new cycle. 5 years and 23 charts later, I find myself referring back to them in search of former pregnancy symptoms and patterns, and most importantly, referring my friends who are lost on their fertility journey and wanting to conceive.
Just recently while my husband and I were trying to conceive our third, my best friend was hoping to conceive her first. Upon learning this news I immediately referred her to Kindara and each month we would find ourselves sharing our charts and giving insights into what we thought was possibly occurring each month, long story short, a couple months in and we are both pregnant, her due in February and me just a few weeks later in March!
If that’s not a success story, I don’t know what is!

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