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Kim S: Surrogacy, and the art of timing conception

Kim S: Surrogacy, and the art of timing conception

A photo of my fur baby, Tiakarete, who is getting a little ignored while I'm charting on Kindara.This story was submitted to Kindara by Kim S.

Earlier this year I decided I'd like to become a surrogate here in New Zealand. Being single, in my thirties and having no children of my own, I feel it would be a perfect way of experiencing pregnancy without the responsibility of being a parent, whilst at the same time doing something amazing for someone else.

So having not paid much attention in science and sex ed classes, I was pretty naive about the whole process, Kindara has been my first step in coming to grips with understanding how my body works. The couple I have decided to help are a same sex (male) couple, and due to gay couples only recently having access to fertility clinics, getting pregnant has usually taking a less clinical route, that being, sperm into a syringe, handed to surrogate to insert at home. To get my timing right, I've started tracking and monitoring my cycles, so that when we start trying to get pregnant in the new year, hopefully things will run smoothly. It was really great to share my first chart and have instant feedback from others in the community, their advice and support is invaluable. I can't wait until the end of my next cycle to see if my charting has improved :)

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