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Kathryn S: Empowered with information needed to be her own advocate

Kathryn S: Empowered with information needed to be her own advocate

My husband and I started learning the Symptothermal Method of fertility awareness about 6 months before our wedding. Kindara was immediately recommended by our instructor. I loved the fact that my husband (then fiance) could also take an active part in our family planning. We did tons of research and were very confident in our decision, though many of our mentors (sadly!) made fun of us.
This sent me into a world of research about women's menstrual health and the morals and ethics behind our decision. I have since taught many others FAM with the use of Kindara, and talk about our attitudes towards menstrual health publicly. In the future, I hope to teach sex ed courses at my school so that no young girls have an experience like mine... where our menstrual cycle was seen as a curse.
Kindara has allowed me to see my cycle as a sixth sense — giving insight to my overall health.
A second testimony is that after learning FAM, my doctor finally began showing me respect and treated me like an educated woman. I went to him with yet another concern about an odd cycle, and before he could cut me off and suggest taking hormonal birth control again, I pulled out Kindara and showed him my charts. I said, "I know it's not a,b, or c because of x, y, z here, here, and here." He immediately said, "Okay, right. I'll refer you to the specialist."
Lastly, and best of all -- My husband and I never "accidentally" conceived, and when we did try, we got pregnant our very first cycle (my family has a history of fertility struggles, so this was huge!).
Our precious bundle of joy is due August 1, 2020. And... speaking of which, I calculated my due date perfectly because I could recognize that I was getting sick right before my fertile window, so ovulation delayed 6 days. All of the estimates based on my last menstrual period said that I was due in July. I persisted, and presented my charts, stating that I was due in August. The doctors finally said, "Alright, let's see what the dating scan says...". You bet the dating scan gave me the EXACT due date I had calculated on my own!
Thank you, Kindara, for EMPOWERING me and INSPIRING me to empower others with this knowledge!

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