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Julie D: Using Natural Family Planning to achieve and avoid pregnancy

Julie D: Using Natural Family Planning to achieve and avoid pregnancy

This story was submitted to Kindara by Julie D.

‍I've been against hormonal birth control since my doctor tried to put me on it at 13 years of age; I'd gone to see him for a sprained ankle, and I was not sexually active. I remained abstinent until I got married and that's when I learned about the different fertility methods. My first encounter was with the Billings method, which I found a little hard to follow. We still succeeded in avoiding pregnancy until we were ready, which led to conceiving our beautiful little snowflake, Alice. At that point, I discovered Taking Charge of your Fertility, and my journey with Kindara started shortly thereafter. While we were still practicing with the TCOYF method, we conceived our little ray of sunshine, Dominic.

I've tried many different period tracking apps, as it is our sole method of family planning (being practicing Catholics), and none have been as clear cut, friendly to use, and visually appealing as Kindara. I loved that I could see both my BBTs and my cervical signs represented on the same chart. As I started to outgrow my iPhone 4 and looking towards an Android phone, I held back because I didn't want to give up my Kindara. As if you heard my frustration with Apple, you developped your Android version just in the nick of time and I'm thrilled to have it on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Thanks to Kindara, we've sucessfully avoided pregnancy since Dominic was born (he turned two in July), and we know that when we are ready to expand our family, Kindara will be there to show us the way.

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