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Julianne G: Building body literacy with PCOS

Julianne G: Building body literacy with PCOS

My Kindara story started 3 years ago. Ever since I was in college, I had doctors who said I "probably had PCOS" and strongly encouraged me to stay on the pill, because that was their recommended treatment.

When I turned 30, I had had enough. I wanted to understand my body without the pill, no matter what my doctor thought was best. I knew coming off the pill wouldn't be easy, and I wanted a way to track my period, so I looked for a period tracking app. I had no idea I was about to stumble upon Kindara, and learn all about fertility awareness.

At first I used it just for tracking my period, but I decided to take the plunge and order Wink, which made it super easy to record my temperature (BBT). I was afraid I was having anovulatory cycles, since they varied so widely. But then after a couple of months I noticed the temperature change a couple weeks before my period. I was so excited!

Although I haven't been able to achieve a completely "normal" cycle, with changes in diet and lifestyle, my symptoms have improved enormously and my cycles have become much more regular.

My husband and I hope to try to conceive in the near future, and I have a lot more confidence that it will work out than I did years ago. Even if I do face challenges, I feel much more prepared to take them on that before. My increased body literacy means that I can negotiate effectively with my doctors and ask the right questions. I don't fear having unnecessary medications pushed on me.

And I have even been able to find a ob/gyn practice that embraces FABMs! Kindara has truly been a cornerstone to huge life transformation. Thank you Kindara!

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