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Jess I: Identifying problems with her luteal phase via Kindara

Jess I: Identifying problems with her luteal phase via Kindara

This story was submitted to Kindara by Jess I.

My husband and I used Kindara to help us achieve pregnancy. Here is our story:

After trying for a year to get pregnant on our own, my husband and I took what we thought was the "standard" next step: a reproductive specialist. They took us through the ringer of tests and ended up scheduling me for surgery "just to check things out." Thankfully, prior to the surgery, I spoke with a friend in the women's health business (an OB/GYN) who is on her way to starting a NFP-OB/GYN type clinic.

She gave me a few resources to check out regarding NFP and the FAM including the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. That book started me on the path of charting and being the "there must be a more convenient/easier way" (instead of paper sheets) kind of person I searched for an iPhone app to help with charting. Hello Kindara!!

Fast forward 11 months and here we are today, much more aware of my body and we have had two pregnancies! The first pregnancy was after 5 months of charting and lasted only 5 weeks, but we learned through my charting that I have a luteal phase defect which requires progesterone support. We connected with an amazing doctor in the Harrisburg, PA area who confirmed what my charting was revealing about my luteal phase and placed me on progesterone support. I was on the support through all 10 weeks 5 days of our second pregnancy. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended just this weekend and we are devastated, but we are thankful for the information and insight charting has provided regarding my body and my cycles. A baby is a baby no matter how small and a loss is devastating no matter how far along the pregnancy was, but to know the reason behind the loss provides us some comfort.

I am extremely grateful for Kindara and all their work to promote the Fertility Awareness Method. FAM is eye opening and it can provide so many answers about a woman's body whether that woman is trying to achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy or just learn about their GYN health in general! Thank you, Kindara for being an amazing tool for us FAM women!

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