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Emily F: Coming to understand miscarriage and her unique cycle through fertility charting

Emily F: Coming to understand miscarriage and her unique cycle through fertility charting

This story was submitted to Kindara by Emily F.

I started using Kindara after trying several basic cycle tracking apps. Kindara was different though, because I wasn't just tracking my cycle, I was learning about what "normal" looked like and it took the mystery out of fertility

My husband and I made the decision to start a family in February of 2014, but my cycles were extremely irregular and I wanted to get serious about tracking my fertility signs before we started that journey. After a couple months with regular cycles and temping, we conceived in early July. We were excited and shocked that we conceived so quickly. 

That pregnancy unfortunately ended at 13 weeks. After what seemed like a completely healthy pregnancy, our baby had no heartbeat at the first ultrasound and I was diagnosed with a partial molar pregnancy. Our road to emotional recovery has been rough and because of the molar diagnosis, we have to wait to concieve for a while. The wait to try again is maddening, but I can honestly say I have a healthier outlook on conceiving again because of this amazing, free app.

My body and my fertility is not a complete mystery to me anymore. I am confident that, when I am cleared to conceive again, I will be able to use the tools and knowledge that Kindara provides to take control of my fertility. That confidence gives me a bit more sanity and a lot of hope for the journey ahead. So even though my story isn't a happy one, it's mine, and I am so thankful for Kindara, it's staff, and the women who use it for the knowledge I have gained.

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