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Christy S: How Kindara strengthened our relationship

Christy S: How Kindara strengthened our relationship

This story was submitted to Kindara by Christy S.

In April of 2014 after several months of TTC with timed intercourse and OPK's and no luck I knew I needed to keep better records, so I found Kindara and started charting. I am so glad I did because it has been the best part of my TTC journey! I am able to track everything-temps, symptoms, cervical fluid, vitamins, herbs, supplements, blood work, appointments, tests, all in one spot.

To be honest, in my youth I did not even keep track of my cycles. Since using Kindara there is no guessing about my period or ovulation, this app is intuitive, powerful, reliable, and based on science. I really regret now that an app like this was not available as a teen and young adult to help me learn about my body!!

No matter what your health goal, the help that your doctor can provide you is only as good as your information that you give them, and Kindara has been critical in helping me do my part and maintain my side of the doctor-patient relationship. I have so much more confidence now thanks to Kindara and the knowledge it has given me. Every practitioner I have seen has been thrilled with my Kindara charts, holding them as examples for all their clients.

And for those that argue that charting kills your sex life.....they couldn't be more wrong! Even after 24 cycles TTC we view the fertile window not as a time when we HAVE to have sex, but as a time when we GET to have sex...we still look forward to it after all this time, and always keep it fun and interesting!! Seeing a lack of hearts on the chart for a few days actually motivates us to get busy and log some, less our stats start to slide! Because everything is electronic my husband can login at any time-on his phone, ipad, or even at a computer and see what is going on. Kindara had increased our communication and made our relationship better and stronger.

I plan to actively use Kindara in the future, and recommend to everyone that they use it as well, as it is the best app out there-TTC or not, and in particular if they suffer from PMS or the side effects of various contraceptives, to track their cycles and their health. I appreciate this tool so much, and its been amazing to learn from the community and knowledge base. The feedback and support from others in the community has been instrumental in my journey. I thank everyone at Kindara for caring about women's health and making an app that every woman regardless of age or circumstance can use!

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