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Brittany B: Using fertility charting to understand her cycle and improve her health

Brittany B: Using fertility charting to understand her cycle and improve her health

This story was submitted to Kindara by Brittany B.

First of all, I want to thank you so much for making this app, site, blog, and all things fertility available for women like me. I grew up with the most wonderful mother in the world, a real life Southern Belle, but we really didn't talk much about "feminine things"….and certainly not about fertility! Along with that, my adolescence was spent in a very conservative suburb and school, and pregnancy was spoken about in very hushed tones, if you know what I mean. This, in a way, attributed to my feelings of nervousness and fear surrounding my body, my cycle, and my possible future pregnant self. Which led to basically being in the dark.

Every month, my fear and trepidation would grow and grow as I got closer and closer to my period. Every twinge of pain I felt, every tiny mood swing would send a wave of panic through my mind and body. Even into my adult life, I felt tormented by my own thoughts! (My poor best friend, talking me off the edge of the cliff every month with the same speech: "Nothing's wrong. You're not pregnant. You're not crazy." Bless her heart.) And this lack of awareness had led to all other types of being in the dark, too…I didn't exercise well, I didn't know how to eat well for my body, I was basically in taking-care-of-yourself-denial.

Then, in the past few months, I have started to realize and understand what's really going on: I have never been aware of what is going on inside my body every single month. I have not understood that my body is preparing for ovulation and menstruation through raised or lowered body temperatures, different emotional symptoms, and even (gasp!) cervical fluid!

Learning about the Fertility Awareness Method and charting my monthly cycles has completely changed my way of thinking about my own body. Now I am excited because I'm self-aware! It has led me to research the right things to consume, the best way to exercise, sleeping better. I'm even excited to be able to get pregnant someday without having to use tons of harmful chemicals and hormones! I never thought I'd feel this empowered by what my body's been doing for years all on its own. It is such an incredible feeling, and I couldn't do it without men and women who have been willing to put in the time and effort to learn about all this crazy girly stuff before me. Thank you. This woman's life is better for it.

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