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Ashlee D: Understanding her cycle while trying to conceive

Ashlee D: Understanding her cycle while trying to conceive

This story was submitted to Kindara by Ashlee D.

‍My husband and I got married in October of 2012. In August of that year I decided to go off my birth control for the first time in nearly 15 years. I had concerns about my cycle regulating so I immediately downloaded the Kindara app. I was impressed by the ease of the program and how it took the knowledge I already had about reproductive processes and gave me deeper understanding of my own. Two months after our wedding, my husband and I decided to try to get pregnant. Unfortunately my cycle was still not regulating. The charts were so helpful, though, as I waited for my body to create its own pattern and the Kindara support was great! I had a few suggestions and questions and my emails were all answered promptly with a lot of love and support behind the responses.

Slowly, I saw my cycle begin to regulate. Each month my signs of ovulation grew clearer, thanks to the app. In November of 2013 I had my clearest month yet where all the signs indicated that ovulation was approaching, and I believe I pinpointed the time within a few hours to when ovulation actually occurred. We were thrilled to find out we were pregnant! Our little boy, Ezra, was born in August 2014. We have the Kindara app, the educational information, and the support to thank for him.

When the time is right again, we will definitely use Kindara to get pregnant. Thank you!

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