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Amanda J: Fulfilling the dream of becoming a mother

Amanda J: Fulfilling the dream of becoming a mother

I started Kindara after discontinuing the use of oral birth control pills. I identified long cycles and didn’t know if I was ovulating. I researched a lot and supported my body with dietary changes and supplements. Over the course of the next 6 months I saw my cycle length decrease and I was able to identify my ovulation. I saw that my fertile window varied each month but I understand the signs of it well because of my tracking.

The day after I got married, I had EWCM and we conceived. To my disappointment, I suffered a chemical pregnancy. Two weeks after this occurred, I identified another fertile window and miraculously conceived again! I got pregnant on the only two cycles I had ever tried. I was thrilled at the timing because I know many women have a different experience with trying to conceive.

In the 6th week of my pregnancy, my temp dropped below my cover line and I had bleeding. Kindara helped me realize I had low progesterone. I was put on a progesterone pill right away by my doctor and my bleeding stopped immediately. I had a healthy pregnancy and 4 days after my due date, my dream came true of becoming a motherKindara helped me do that on the ten month anniversary of my wedding, exactly — to the day.

Being a mother has taught me what it’s like to be fully loved. This whole experience was made possible because I used Kindara as a tool to help me understand my cycles.

Caleb is now almost 4 months old. Thank you Kindara.

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