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Alison C: Quickly accomplishing her fertility goal with Kindara

Alison C: Quickly accomplishing her fertility goal with Kindara

This story was submitted to Kindara by Alison C.

My husband and I had 'tried' for 5 years for our son (2) but unwilling for intervention or to see a fertility specialist. We were creating a home and happy in our lives as they were at the time. When the time came for us to feel we were ready to be serious about our situation Kindara was used for 2 months before finally conceiving! Currently trying for our second child, since having our first, and Kindara has been a reliable method of tracking, observing and predicting my fertile window. 

I love the educational tools I have used to grow my understanding of my cycle, and the forums to share my chart allow a different perspective of interpretation which is very valuable to me.

Having a regular irregular cycle doesn't help our cause but we're quietly confident we will get there in the end.

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