Vanita J: Charting her fertility to avoid pregnancy

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After researching birth control options frantically before I married my husband 5 years ago, I landed quite happily on FAM (Fertility Awareness Method).

Initially I bought an expensive "fertility computer" as it were and used it to keep track of my cycle. The more educated I became however, the more I realized that I had just as much (in fact more) capability of tracking my own cycle than a machine. I then started manually charting (paper and pen folks) and used that for quite a few years.

Periodically, I would hear about apps that helped you chart your fertility and I would always feel that they were lacking in user friendliness and most of them didn't use the scope of FAM that I was using (cervical fluid + taking temperatures).

Enter Kindara. I can't remember how I stumbled across Kindara but once I did, I kissed paper charting goodbye and have since loved using this app. It is extremely user friendly and I think what I love most about it is the options to add specific personal data my chart that otherwise would be hard to track (mood swings on pms, pre period cramping etc).

I feel that I still have ultimate control over my fertility, but this tool has helped me relax a little bit as well. Not to mention not having to carry around paper and pen when I travel. 

I love using FAM, and I feel like I am a small ambassador to other women. I have gotten two of my friends to (successfully) switch to this form of birth control.

It is wonderful as a woman to not have to rely on medicine or devices to "fix" the problem of fertility. Because, as I now know, it isn't a problem at all.

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