Sue Ellen T: Preparing her body for TTC through charting

I can't remember exactly how I came across Kindara online but it was around Thanksgiving 2016 when I ordered a Wink. I had recently made the decision to go off BC to prepare my body as we were going to get married in 8 months and knew that we will be TTC straight away. After reading numerous pages on the knowledge base about fertility and conception, BBT, charting and cervical mucus...I became convinced that this was one of the tools that would help me understand my body and have the be successful when we were finally trying. 

I diligently recorded my BBT and menstruation dates and over time, my periods became regular and I thought I had a pretty good sense of my body around certain times (for example, my breasts become swollen when I ovulate). Fast forward to our wedding and honeymoon, we knew that it would be 'go time' for us while we were away and of course, lots of BD around that crucial period. We had a blissful 2 week honeymoon in Morocco and upon returning, we had been barely home for 2 days when something in me nagged to take an HPT. It was 6 days before I was due for my next period that the unmistakable YES+ showed up. I was seriously floored. Even though we knew we wanted to conceive soon after marriage, it was still surprising to see results that fast! Needless to say, we are two very excited first-time parents! Thank you to Kindara for providing women with countless resources to understand more about our bodies regardless of whether they are trying to conceive or not. Being empowered is truly life-affirming. 

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