Kate D: Finding a natural, non-hormonal solution to avoid pregnancy

This story was submitted to Kindara by Kate D.

Last January I stumbled upon your app while looking for a way to track my period and to also learn about my body. My older sister is a nurse practitioner midwife, so she has educated me the most on my body and health, but I wanted to dig deeper.

I got engaged soon after I downloaded the Kindara app and I was worried about the whole "birth control" situation. I've never been on the pill or any other form of contraceptive. I have a regular cycle, and I wasn't sexually active prior to getting married in June.

My fiancé and I discussed our options (he is also in the medical field), and we both decided that going natural is always the best option for our bodies in the long term.

Kindara has taught me so much about my body, the way it works, what and what not to do, precautions to take, etc! It has been a well spring of knowledge. We have been married 6 months now, and no baby yet (which has been our goal! We aren't ready for the kiddos quite yet.). I feel good, I know more about my body than ever before, I'm not worried that I'm "doing this wrong" because it is so clear and easy. It just takes a little discipline for a few minutes every day. It's great! :)

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