Hillary C: Trying to conceive, and learning along the way

This story was submitted to Kindara by Hillary C.

I'm turning 29 this week... scary to think I'm one year away from 30. I know women have babies in their 30s, but since I was little, I always pictured myself with babies by now. We got off the pill a little after our 3rd wedding anniversary and thought this would be easy. My sister got pregnant right after she stopped. My best friend got pregnant after missing one pill. Surely, my husband and I wouldn't have any problems. We went through Natural Family Planning class during Marriage Prep and thought we knew what to do. We thought we'd be pros.

Well, that hasn't been the case. My 29th birthday also marks one year since being off birth control. This year's probably been the hardest, most difficult. Just a week ago I finally broke down to my husband. "I thought this would be easy," I said. We both wanted our first baby to be a surprise. We're hopeless romantics. I wanted to surprise him when he came home from work with the news. I know now that's not the case. But it means we're in this together. We talk about my charting and my temping and my CM. (Which I never thought would happen, he used to not be able to touch a tampon!) We support each other and I know that our prayers will be answered soon.

Today I submitted my first chart to the community. My question about whether I am anovulatory was quickly answered. A kind member of the community said it's likely anovulatory (hurts to see that) but suggested I work on better temping. I'm not great at taking it every morning at the same time. My husband is the lightest sleeper so I'm hesitant to wake him. I feel like we still have a great journey ahead of us and hopefully with better temping with Wink, our prayers will be answered. Thank you for considering me and thank you for this app, this community and for all you do to help women's health!

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