Cássia C: A natural alternative to managing my fertility

I had been on the pill practically my entire life because of a diagnosis of POS, which I didn't know much about and wasn't informed about either when I was 17. So, I started taking the pill as "treatment" for that. I was ok with the pill because it improved my skin and I never had any side effects, or at least no damaging side effects. However, it made me somewhat cranky and dry down there, if you know what I mean... Well, when I was 31 I got off the pill because my husband and I wanted to get pregnant. It was heaven! I got pregnant the second cycle after stopping the pill. My baby was born on June, 2015 with a beautiful natural birth, which I'm proud of. 

Then, my doctor told me to take the pill again, but this time I need one that was compatible with breastfeeding. I took it for about 5 months and I felt horrible. My mood was awful and my sex drive became inexistent. 

So, I decided to stop taking it last February. As I was breastfeeding - and still am - it took three months for my period to show up. Well, I was worried about getting pregnant again and my husband and I are not big fans of rubber condoms. 

That's when Kindara and the fertility awareness method entered my Life! I've been tracking my cervical fluid and my basal body temperature for three months now I can say it's been wonderful to at last get to know my body. 

And my partner is on board. He's an engineer, so charts are his specialty. We are still learning, I can't say I totally know my body because I think I'm just beginning. But there will be no going back to that awful pill because I have a reliable alternative, one that makes me happy and in charge of my body, my mood and, I don't mind say, my fluids!

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