Aliza Z: Experiencing dangerous side effects of hormonal birth control

This story was submitted to Kindara by Aliza Z.

My periods have always been irregular, difficult to manage, and all around rough. I was placed on "the pill" as a teen for suspected PCOS to help manage my periods, but that basically made my cycle nonexistent for quite some time (months at a time!), then a small flow, and back to nothing. I had a blood clot in my leg, and had to take a break from the pill. A second episode of clots, this time, multiple clots in my legs and in my lung, confirmed that the pill would not ever be a safe option for me. 

I began using Kindara and tracking my cycles with basal body temperature, and also using more "natural" items for my period - my diva cup, which I love! I have had much more regular periods, and using the charts in Kindara, I can actually predict when my cycle is going to start, most of the time with pretty good accuracy. I love using Kindara and the information it gives me about my body. I can't imagine doing things any other way now!

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