Why Guess When You Can Know?

Tired of another month gone by without a positive pregnancy test? Take the guesswork out of trying to get pregnant with Priya. Priya's state-of-the-art technology utilizes continuous core body temperature to tell you precisely when you are fertile.

Priya's Limited Release Starts Fall 2019

Designed for Accuracy

Trying to conceive doesn't always go according to plan, and that can be frustrating and confusing. The good news is that we can help. Unlike anything on the market today, the Priya Fertility System is an intravaginal sensor and mobile app that measures continuous core body temperature (CCBT) to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. 

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Insert Priya in the comfort of your home to effortlessly pinpoint your fertile window and predict ovulation. Go about life as usual and you can count on Priya to alert you when you are fertile.



CCBT is a highly reliable way to track temperature patterns to predict the fertile window (Coyne). The chance for user error, as compared to other methods, is significantly reduced by Priya's automated data collection.



No charting, no confusion, and no guessing. Be empowered with the confidence of knowing what is happening with your body in real-time.

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Backed by Science, Obstetricians, and Mother Nature

Continuous core body temperature captures subtle temperature shifts that occur 2-4 days prior to ovulation (Aptekar).

Priya predicts the fertile window on average 2.6 days prior to luteinizing hormone tests, giving you more opportunity to take advantage of the days you’re most likely to conceive (Aptekar).

Together, the Priya Sensor and App are a powerful tool to inform you about your cycle based on your real-time temperature data. 

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“Using continuous core body temperature is almost like getting a blood draw every five minutes. It’s a wealth of information about a woman’s changing fertility. Having health-trained AI to find subtle patterns is beyond anything possible today and is very exciting.”

Dr. Benjamin Smarr, UC San Diego

Don’t Miss the Priya Limited Release!

This fall we are inviting women who are currently trying to get pregnant to try Priya as part of our Limited Release Program.* Take advantage of Priya’s effortless and precise solution to maximize your chances of getting pregnant while providing valuable feedback that will help us improve the product and experience for future users. The Limited Release Program will include:


Priya Sensors at a Significant Discount


$25 Gift Card for Surveys and Interviews 


Enrollment Starting Late Fall 2019

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