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Smarter Data Means Better Decisions 

From a powerful all-in-one fertility charting platform to an advanced solution that notifies you the moment you are most fertile, now you can make the right decisions for your body and become your own fertility advocate.  

The Priya Personal Fertility System

The Priya Personal Fertility System takes the guesswork out of conceiving. This intravaginal sensor and app duo continuously tracks your core body temperature to help predict your fertile window.

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Priya Sensor

Priya effortlessly tracks your core body temperature to pinpoint your fertile window and help with ovulation timing.

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Backed by Science

Clinically proven to predict ovulation, Priya takes the guesswork out of finding your fertile window.

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The Perfect Pair

Together, the Priya Sensor and App are a powerful tool to inform you about your cycle based on your real-time temperature data.

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Shared Education

The Priya App gives you access to hundreds of articles to equip you with the knowledge and give you the best chance of conception each month.

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Track Your Fertility with the Kindara App

Kindara Fertility Tracker is a mobile app and community built to help you understand your fertility.

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Charting Done Right

Our charts are easy to use but robust enough to capture what’s happening in your body, from fertility essentials to extras like symptoms and supplements.

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Supportive Community

Join over 1.6 million users worldwide in Kindara and find the support you need from people who are on the same journey as you. Members forge genuine, lasting friendships in our community.

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All Natural

For those using a Fertility Awareness Based Method (FABM) or are interested in learning this method, Kindara replaces the manual paper charts with a digital chart created from the data entered. The chart provides a method of visualizing and interpreting your data, allowing you to better understand your fertility signs.

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Go Premium

Kindara Premium unlocks the full benefits of charting. New features are added regularly. Your life is full of tough decisions, but Kindara makes investing in your health an easy choice. Disclaimer: The Kindara App is not a regulated medical device and it has not been cleared by the FDA or any regulatory authorities as a method of contraception.

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raechel and her partner

Kindara Gave Raechel a Second Chance

My partner found this app and we've been using it daily for 8 months and it has brought us so much relief and understanding about my cycles, emotional well-being and most importantly, a community of awesome women who feel, act and want to be family!

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Reviews from real users who love our app.

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Easy and beautiful

“I've been charting for over 5 years now and just stumbled upon this app recently. I'm thrilled! So many times I would loose the paper charts. This app also makes me feel like I'm not alone. None of my friends use charts and so I felt like an enigma. Now there is a whole community of women who are tracking their cycles like me!”

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Another option for birth control!

“Kindara has helped me stay on top of my charting no matter if I am at home or traveling, because it is all right there on my phone. Highly recommend to people that are serious about learning the method and faithfully charting.”

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Love Kindara!

“I have been using Kindara for about a month now and absolutely love it. Its super simple and easy yet very appealing and pretty looking and it has great features that work for all types or womens situations. I just love it. Thanks Kindara!”

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Great app for natural family planning!

“I've been using the Kindara app for years and love it! I also purchased Wink from the kickstarter and it's been a wonderful addition to my natural cycle charting routine. ”

Ready to Connect with Your Body?

Our products are built with you in mind. No matter what your goal, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about what product suits your needs.

Kindara Fertility Tracker
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