June 10, 2015

Kindara announces 75,000 pregnancies achieved with fertility tracking app

Boulder, COLO. – June 10, 2015: Kindara, maker of one of the most advanced fertility tracking apps available, is excited to announce a new milestone in the number of pregnancies the app has helped women achieve since its introduction. By enabling women to identify their peak fertility time, Kindara has helped over 75,000 women become pregnant.

The news comes amidst a growing infertility problem in the United States. According to the CDC, 1 in 6 couples experienced trouble conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy in 2010. This number has increased since 1990, when 1 in 10 American couples struggled with infertility.

Difficulties conceiving can be caused by a variety of issues. While problems may be the result of medical conditions of either partner, most infertility cases do not have simple explanations. A common cause is the simple mistiming of intercourse that may lead to pregnancy.

“Many women fiercely desire a child of their own, but face challenges when trying to conceive,” said Kindara VP Product Kristin Lindquist. “Impaired fertility not only delays or prevents a women from achieving motherhood, but it can also strain her marriage, sense of self worth, and identity as a woman.”

With Kindara, women track the two key fertility signs, cervical fluid and basal body temperature, to determine when ovulation will occur. With this information, couples can plan for intercourse when the woman is able to conceive. Women can also identify cycle irregularities that may indicate infertility-causing health problems. By giving them the tools to understand their unique cycles, Kindara allows women to address a potential cause of infertility before they seek expensive medical intervention.

“Doctors are most likely to recommend couples use calendar methods for conception, but since women’s bodies are different, calendar methods don’t work very well,” said Kindara Community Manager Lauren Risberg. “A woman is much more likely to conceive if she can identify when she’s going to ovulate based on her personal fertility signs.”

The Fertility Awareness Method, upon which the Kindara app is based, dramatically increases the likelihood of conceiving. Research has shown that women using fertility tracking have a 90% chance of achieving pregnancy over three months, compared to a 54.5% chance for women not using fertility tracking.

Kindara can help women identify certain barriers early on and empower them with the knowledge to maximize their chances of conceiving.

About Kindara: Kindara is devoted to giving women the knowledge, support, and tools to meet their fertility goals. Founded by a husband-and-wife team, Kindara designs products that delight women and improve their lives. The Kindara Fertility Tracker, for iPhone and Android, is a top rated fertility app, helping tens of thousands of women get pregnant faster, avoid pregnancy naturally, and understand their bodies.

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