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All Your Charting Needs in One Place

Your body tells you more than just your period start and end date. By tracking what is important to you, you may find patterns in your cycle that you can plan ahead for and work with your doctor to improve, fostering a relationship with your body to meet your reproductive goals. 

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Unlimited Custom Data

Direct Messaging to Other Users

Vaginal Sensation


Unlimited Custom Data

Your charting needs are as unique as you are. With Kindara Premium, your unlimited custom data fields are created by you, for you, giving you the most tailored charting experience possible.


Direct Messaging to Other Users

Powerful alone. Even better with Kindara Premium. With Kindara in your corner, you can reach out to friends in the community for private messaging and start or join a private group. 


Track Vaginal Sensation

Track vaginal sensation with Kindara Premium to complete the picture of your biomarkers. No matter your goal, vaginal sensation may deepen your knowledge of your body and may be especially helpful if you have scant cervical mucus.

Let's Break It Down

App Features Basic Premium
Basal body temperature (°C or °F)
Cervical mucus
Cervical position
Vaginal sensation
Exclude cycles from calculations
Fertility predictions (only for TTC)
Custom Data Up to 4 Unlimited
Sexual activity or insemination
Custom data input types
Sharing your chart
Posting to public Community feed
Direct messaging other users
Create and join private groups
Symptoms (coming soon)
Supplements/Vitamins (coming soon)
Moods with emoji
Lunar calendar (coming soon)
Access data on website
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Reviews from real users who love our app.

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Easy and beautiful

“I've been charting for over 5 years now and just stumbled upon this app recently. I'm thrilled! So many times I would loose the paper charts. This app also makes me feel like I'm not alone. None of my friends use charts and so I felt like an enigma. Now there is a whole community of women who are tracking their cycles like me!”

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Another option for birth control!

“Kindara has helped me stay on top of my charting no matter if I am at home or traveling, because it is all right there on my phone. Highly recommend to people that are serious about learning the method and faithfully charting.”

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Love Kindara!

“I have been using Kindara for about a month now and absolutely love it. Its super simple and easy yet very appealing and pretty looking and it has great features that work for all types or womens situations. I just love it. Thanks Kindara!”



Great app for natural family planning!

“I've been using the Kindara app for years and love it! I also purchased Wink from the kickstarter and it's been a wonderful addition to my natural cycle charting routine.”

Take Charting to the Next Level

With features to accommodate every part of charting your fertility and health journey, taking charge of your health has never been easier.

Premium is free for the first 45 days for all new Kindara users. To continue using these features, Premium is only $4.99 USD/month or $49.99 USD/year after.

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