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Recommend Priya to Your Patients

Give your patients a better tool that precisely predicts ovulation, supports clinical diagnostic and monitoring and helps women take control of their health.

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Which patients are right for Priya Fertility?


Women who are trying to conceive


Women who want more information about their cycles to share with their providers to inform discussion and diagnostic plans


Comfortable using intravaginal products

How is Priya used?

The Priya Sensor is a flexible vaginal ring that is self-inserted at home and worn continuously for up to 29 days. Women find it comfortable and it doesn’t need to be removed for sex. 

Watch the Priya instructional video for more information.



In our studies, side effects were uncommon and included mild to moderate abdominal cramps and vaginitis. No serious adverse events have been reported. 

Priya uses Bluetooth® to transmit temperature to the mobile app. Priya Bluetooth uses just 0.1% of the power of a mobile smartphone transmission, and is "on" for less than 5 seconds per hour.


How can my patients get Priya?

The Priya System, including the sensor and a subscription to the app, will be available soon to order online. The system will be shipped directly to customers for use at home.

Priya is only available for shipment within the U.S.

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