Take the Guesswork Out of Your Patients' Fertility

The Priya Personal Fertility System takes trying to conceive to a new level by using continuous core body temperature (CCBT) to predict the fertile window. Sign up below for more information regarding our Limited Release Practitioner Program.  

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What Makes CCBT Better?

Mainstream current methods to predict the (at times) elusive fertile window can fall short for many women. From being inaccurate, too much work, or confusing to interpret, the traditional methods are widely used because they were the only tools available.

By utilizing CCBT, Priya bypasses these limitations and provides precise, accurate predictions of ovulation. 

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“Body temperature is shaped by changing hormones. Using continuous core body temperature gives you a wealth of information about a woman’s changing fertility. It's almost like getting a blood draw every 5 minutes.”

Dr. Benjamin Smarr, UC San Diego

How Priya Can Help You and Your Patients

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The Priya Sensor is simple to use compared to conventional devices and methods that rely on high patient compliance and consistency for accuracy. In human use studies, women found Priya simple to insert and easy to use.



CCBT is a highly reliable way to track temperature patterns and reflects circadian rhythm patterns (Coyne). These patterns provide fertility indications for predicting ovulation and is most accurate with 24/7 CCBT monitoring (Coyne). Potential for user error is significantly reduced by automated data collection by the Priya Sensor and wireless delivery to the Priya App.



No charting, no confusion, and no guessing. The Priya Sensor can be left in place, and all measurements are taken and recorded automatically. Your patients will be empowered with the confidence of knowing what is happening with their bodies in real-time.

Priya Personal Fertility System: Precise CCBT Measurement to Predict the Fertile Window

The Priya Sensor records core body temperature every 6 minutes and automatically uploads the data to the Priya App. When the proprietary algorithm detects the subtle temperature increase prior to ovulation, the Priya App will notify your patient of her fertile window.

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In preliminary analysis, the Priya Sensor predicted the fertile window an average of 2.6 days prior to the LH test and was safe and well-tolerated. With cutting-edge CCBT measurement technology, the Priya Personal Fertility System overcomes many limitations of traditional methods for identifying the fertile window and predicting ovulation.

Virtually all adverse events were mild in severity and
generally resolved without treatment within a few hours or days. See Preliminary Analysis here.

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