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CCBT - The New Gold Standard for Ovulation Prediction

Continuous core body temperature (CCBT) is a highly reliable marker for the circadian rhythm patterns that correlate with the phases of the menstrual cycle and the release of related hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone.1

CCBT predicts ovulation earlier than traditional methods, including tracking BBT, luteinizing hormone (LH) and external sensors, giving women more time to take advantage of the days they are most likely to conceive.2

To learn more about the clinical foundation of Priya science, see this Journal of Circadian Rhythms peer-reviewed paper: Using Circadian Rhythm Patterns of Continuous Core Body Temperature to Improve Fertility and Pregnancy Planning.

“Body temperature is shaped by changing hormones. Using continuous core body temperature gives you a wealth of information about a woman’s changing fertility. It's almost like getting a blood draw every 5 minutes.”

Dr. Benjamin Smarr, UC San Diego

Accurate Prediction of the Fertile Window

Priya combines CCBT measurements with a unique algorithm that identifies the subtle temperature patterns that occur prior to ovulation, providing a more precise prediction of the peak fertile window.

In our lead clinical study of 45 cycles, Priya predicted the fertile window on average 2.7 days prior to LH urine tests and was safe and well tolerated. Click on the image for more information. 

Clinical Milestones

  •  FDA Registration, 510(k) exempt
  •  CE Certification
  •   Biocompatibility testing passed, including sensitization, irritation, cytotoxicity, chemical characterization, and implantation
  •  Human factors study completed, validating comfort and ease of use
  •  Lead clinical study findings:
    • Verified Priya transmission strength and algorithm accuracy
    • Priya predicted the fertile window an average of 2.7 days sooner than LH strips
    • Priya is safe and well-tolerated

Current and Future Research

We conduct research that supports our mission to empower women to make informed decisions about their health through research-based technology, personalized data, and community. 

Current and future studies include additional applications in proception as well as other clinical indications in women’s health.

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