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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Patients' Fertility

Help your patients save time, stay organized, and grow their confidence. Our products make improving your clients’ experience easy. 

Kindara for Practitioners
Priya for Practitioners

Join the Future of Women’s Health

Kindara and Priya help women have a better understanding of their fertility and health. By helping them capture data that is unique to them, you can discover patterns in their cycle faster. 

“Thanks to Kindara and my charts, I realized early in our TTC journey that I was having a problem with my cycles. I went to my FAM-friendly doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor was so impressed with my charts, and my knowledge of my cycles and my body.”

Rachel N.


Introducing the Priya Personal Fertility System

An intravaginal sensor and mobile app that measures continuous core body temperature (CCBT) to maximize the chances of getting pregnant. When Priya's algorithm detects the subtle temperature shifts that occur prior to ovulation, the Priya App notifies your patient on her smartphone.

Key Features

  • Requires no daily effort, allowing your patient to go about life as usual 
  • Potential for user error is significantly reduced by automated data collection
  • Use of continuous core body technology provides upmost accurate data
  • Real-time data collection is wirelessly transmitted to her smartphone 
kindara app

Kindara Can Help You Help Your Clients

Seeing your clients’ fertility charts in real-time enables you to make more informed decisions about their care and save your patients time. No hidden fees, costs, or subscriptions. 

Key Features

  • Charts update automatically
  • Users choose which elements of their chart to share, giving them control over privacy 
  • Write private notes on client records
  • Access to charts anywhere with a web browser and internet connection

Improve Your Patient Experience Today

Empower your patients to take control of their own fertility. 

Kindara for Practitioners
Priya for Practitioners