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Women want to have a better understanding of their fertility. Partnering with Kindara can improve your clients' experience and help them meet their fertility goals.

Practitioner Portal

Clients can share their charts with you. Better fertility data = Better support for your clients.

Kindara App

Your clients can use the tools and support that Kindara provides to better understand their fertility.


Wink makes charting BBT easy for your clients; it takes true BBT in under 30 seconds and syncs automatically with Kindara app.

Why use our Practitioner Portal?

  • No cost: Free for you and your clients to use.
  • Collaborative treatment: Charts update automatically, so you can view your clients’ progress between visits.
  • Privacy options: Clients can choose what data they share with you.
  • Convenience: You have access to charts anywhere with a web browser and internet connection.
  • Organization: All your clients’ charts will be in one central location.

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Wink Affiliate Program
If you also become a Wink affiliate, you can earn revenue every time a client uses your link to purchase a Wink.

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By becoming a Kindara Practitioner, you can help your clients take control of their fertility.
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Meet your fertility goals and better understand your body with the world's most powerful and useful fertility charting system.