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Not Your Mama’s Birth Plan

Kindara has partnered with Motherboard Birth to help you build your own bright, visual birth plan. Stack the deck in your favor for a healthy, empowered birth (however it happens).


Motherboard Gives You the Tools

From induction to monitoring, Group B Strep to delayed cord clamping, Motherboard walks you through your options, then helps you create a dynamic dashboard to share your preferences with your care team in real time, on any device.

You've Got This.

The BFP is only the beginning. Let Motherboard help you navigate the complex landscape of your pregnancy, birth, and baby journey.

Motherboard pulls wisdom from midwives, nurses, childbirth educators, and doulas to give you a well-rounded picture of need-to-know essentials.

motherboard dashboard

Motherboard Makes It Better

Kindara highly recommends Motherboard not only for its ability to help you create a clear, concise visual birth plan (that your provider will actually read!), but because of the tremendous amount of education alongside each option you select.

Truth is, many care providers dislike birth plans and some 65% of medical staff actually believe that birth plans equal worse outcomes (1). They’re seen as long, demanding, unrealistic, rigid…

While you can never “plan” a birth, Motherboard takes back what birth plans were meant to be: A template to help you think through what’s important and a communication tool between you and your provider.

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Better Together: Kindara + Motherboard

With the Kindara Bundle from Motherboard, you’ll receive 12 months access to Motherboard’s dynamic platform. Use the code KINDARA for 15% off your membership.


Research Your Birth Options

Our resources help you make the most informed decisions and have an amazing, empowered birth!


Build a Cesarean and/or Vaginal Birth Motherboard

Your bright, beautiful visual birth plan. Access your preferences in real time, on any device connected to the internet.


Invite Your Birth Team to Collaborate and View

Download, email, and share your journey with your loved ones.

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What Is Included?

Your Birth Guides

Information You Can Trust

Get Started with the Kindara Bundle

Plans start at $50 to access the Motherboard dashboard for a year, build your birth plan, and collaborate with your support team.


Kindara users receive 15% off 12-month access to Motherboard. Use code “KINDARA” at checkout.


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