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Expand Your Toolbox

If you’re looking for even more tools to help you reach your fertility goals, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve carefully cultivated partnerships with companies that we trust to help you along in your fertility journey.

Meet Our Partners

Proov Strips

Proov is a FDA-cleared PdG (progesterone metabolite) test kit to confirm successful ovulation at home. Problems with ovulation can make it difficult to conceive. Tracking PdG levels 7-10 days after peak fertility can confirm ovulation has occurred. Our users get a special discount.
Save 20%


New to natural fertility management or changing your goal? Learn from the experts and gain confidence through online classes and individual coaching with SymptoPro. Our users get a special discount.
Save 30% Now


Reclaim what birth plans were meant to be: a concise, easy-to-read, positively phrased list of your most important birth preferences. Don't know what to put in a plan? Motherboard has got you covered.
Save 15%

*If outside the U.S., please check with individual partners to see if discounts are available in your region

Interested in Becoming a Kindara Partner?

We are always looking for great companies that can help our customers reach their goals. Get in touch and we will respond with next steps. 

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