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Kindara’s Social Feed Busts Taboos about Fertility

Kindara’s Social Feed Busts Taboos about Fertility

Kindara | May 7, 2014 |
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Boulder CO, May 6, 2014: Kindara, a women’s health app which recently held the #1 spot on the App Store’s free medical chart, has just released the Kindara Social Feed - a feature that makes it possible for women to share their personal data anonymously, connect with each other for support on fertility-related issues, and learn together about what their data means.

Many women who are trying to get pregnant turn to online fertility forums to find answers to their questions. However, many of these forums are rife with emotional anxiety, poorly-informed (and often conflicting) opinions, and anecdotal evidence. The Kindara Social Feed aims to change this atmosphere and establish a positive, constructive space to help women get fact-based answers and support while feeling calm and confident about their fertility.

The Kindara Social Feed is based on the data that women enter into the app each day – such as waking temperatures, cervical fluid observations, and menstruation data – rather than speculation about vague symptoms. Women can anonymously share their fertility data to the feed and follow and/or comment on each other’s charts.

“I have shared my cycle and also followed another woman's,” says Kristin Singletary, a Kindara user. “Through the new Kindara Community I have been able to encourage others facing similar fertility issues as I do and have also gained insight from others on ways to improve my chances of conceiving.”

The Kindara Social Feed includes a wide spectrum of fertility practitioners, from herbalists, doulas, and fertility awareness instructors to doctors, nurse practitioners, and midwives. “The participation of fertility practitioners in the Social Feed is what really sets it apart from other fertility communities,” says co-founder and CEO William Sacks. “Women can now receive guidance from qualified professionals right at their fingertips.”

“The Kindara Social Feed is not only a place where women can learn more about their fertility,” says community manager Courtney Miller. “It’s also a place where women can connect with and support one another through what can be a confusing, lonely process. Personal health issues such as menstrual irregularities, hormonal imbalances, or unexplained infertility are often considered taboo topics for public conversation – but the Kindara Social Feed provides a space for women to discuss these issues freely, while keeping accurate data front and center.”

To date, over 15,000 women have gotten pregnant using Kindara, and thousands more have successfully avoided pregnancy without the use of hormones or invasive procedures.

About Kindara: Kindara is a company devoted to empowering women through a better understanding of their health and bodies. Kindara Fertility Tracker for iPhone is a top-rated fertility app on the iOS App Store, helping hundreds of thousands of women get pregnant, avoid pregnancy naturally or better understand their cycles. Future products will help women take control of their health in other areas and improve their lives.