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Kindara Announces App-Integrated Fertility Coaching Service

Kindara Announces App-Integrated Fertility Coaching Service

Kindara | September 28, 2017 |
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BOULDER, CO – September 28, 2017 –Kindara, a female-focused company that provides women the interconnected tools, knowledge, and support to understand how their fertility works, announced today a new partnership with SymptoPro. Kindara will leverage SymptoPro’s network of highly experienced fertility education instructors to introduce Kindara Fertility Coaching, a personalized one-on-one service that aims to take the guesswork out of fertility charting and interpretation, in early 2018. As part of the partnership’s early rollout, Kindara will offer its community the SymptoPro six-month inclusive learning course at a discount, available now.

“While all women can chart using the same method, deciphering these charts is an endeavor that benefits from individualized assistance,” said Kindara President and COO, Tia Newcomer. “For that reason, we are partnering with SymptoPro to offer women one-on-one support through personal fertility coaching, which will enable them to better understand their charts, and in turn, their bodies regardless of their fertility goal.”

Kindara Fertility Coaching aims to take the guesswork out of Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) through personalized one-on-one professional education and coaching for women looking to help make sense of their charts and further their understanding of FABMs. Conceptualized to empower women to learn more about their bodies, this service expands Kindara’s user toolkit as the first education-based integration for the platform. For under $200, couples will have access to a personal fertility coach and an annual membership to Kindara’s Premium App, which will be used hand-in-hand to map each individual’s fertility.

“We are excited to partner with Kindara and offer our services to the Kindara community. Our science-backed fertility education program combines research based learning strategies with highly trained, personalized instruction that can address the intricacies of a woman’s fertility. Through personalized coaching, we are able to support women and couples, whether they want to use a healthy, natural way to avoid a pregnancy, or are sorting through challenging situations when trying to achieve a pregnancy. No matter where a woman is at in her reproductive life, our certified instructors are ready to walk with her, providing support, and expert recommendations.” said Kristin Detloff, National SymptoPro Coordinator. “Our service compliments Kindara’s platform beautifully, and we look forward to leveraging each other’s strengths to help more women and couples achieve their fertility goals.”

For more information about Kindara and its partnership with SymptoPro please visit www.kindara.com.


Kindara is a female-focused company that provides women the interconnected tools, knowledge, and support to understand how their fertility works, take ownership of their reproductive health, and meet their fertility goals. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Kindara has been at the forefront of the Femtech revolution since its inception in 2011.

Kindara’s cornerstone product, the Kindara Fertility App, has over 1.5 million downloads on iOS and Android, and has helped over 150,000 women around the world achieve pregnancy since its launch in 2012. The app pairs with Wink by Kindara, a Bluetooth- connected Basal Body Temperature (BBT) thermometer that helps seamlessly track fertility data with greater ease and accuracy. To further support women along their personal health journey Kindara recently announced a collaboration with Helix, a consumer genomics company, and plans to release Kindara DNA, the first at-home DNA test designed specifically to sync with a trusted fertility app, in early 2018. For more information, please visit www.kindara.com


SymptoPro™ Fertility Education is a program of Northwest Family Services (NWFS), a multi-service, multi-cultural, social service agency. NWFS incorporated in Portland, Oregon (1983) with the purpose of supporting family stability and child well-being. Supporting women’s health and access to health services is an important focus of NWFS. The NWFS founding team, began by researching the methods being developed for Natural Family Planning. They began a collaboration with Dr. Josef Roetzer of Austria, who had published the findings from his initial research on the Sympto-Thermal Method. Based on his research and consent, they developed a program of instruction using cutting edge educational strategies, combined with effective, scientifically based protocols. By 1980, their instructional approach had gained national recognition, review and approval. SymptoPro places a strong focus on offering quality fertility education based on solid research, while working to develop new technologies and services that will equip couples to use the SymptoPro method with greater ease and confidence. For more information please visit, www.symptopro.org.