Q: When can I get Pregnant?

A: Only When You're Fertile

Having intercourse during the 5 days leading up to ovulation will give you the best chance of getting pregnant. This period of time is known as the Fertile Window.

Get Started Finding Yours...

Here's how you find your fertile window...

During your cycle, your body gives you signs
that indicate when you are fertile.

Cervical Fluid

When your cervical fluid is slippery and stretchy your fertile window is open and you will likely ovulate soon.

After ovulation, your estrogen levels will drop and your cervical fluid will be drier and less fertile.


As you approach ovulation, your estrogen levels rise and your Cervical Fluid will follow a general pattern from dry → sticky → creamy → clear, slippery and stetchy.

Basal Body Temperature

After ovulation your body produces progesterone which increases your waking oral temperature.

Your egg only lives for up to 24 hours, so by the time you see your temperature rise, your fertile window has closed.

Temperature is helpful to confirm you are ovulating, timing intercourse correctly, and have a healthy cycle that could support a pregnancy.

cervix open and close graph

A sustained rise in waking oral temperature helps confirm you ovulated

Know Your Body, Know Your Fertility

Helpful Tips

1 To maximize chances of conception, keep having intercourse until ovulation is confirmed.

2 If your partner has a low sperm count, have intercourse only every other every other day during the fertile window

More info:

not ovulating If your cervical fluid is not changing as described above, or if you don’t see a clear temperature shift, you may not be ovulating regularly.

not ovulating If your temperature stays high for less than 10 days, or dips below your pre-ovulatory temperatures, this could indicate a hormonal imbalance that could make it hard to get or stay pregnant.

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