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Why We've Rebranded and the Meaning Behind the New Design

Why We've Rebranded and the Meaning Behind the New Design

Jackie Vinyard, M.S. Health Sciences | November 2, 2019 | Kindara News & Updates
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Freedom, empowerment, compassion, and change for the better are the words that Kindara customers consistently use when sharing how Kindara has helped them.  Kindara has grown from what was originally built as a fertility awareness charting app into one of the most trusted women’s digital health platforms today. Women come to Kindara to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy naturally, track health and wellness, as well as to join an incredible community and support system. 

Kindara Stories, submitted by Kindara users, reveal how Kindara helps women and couples achieve their dream of having a baby, including helping them through times when they had begun to lose hope, get control of their health when nothing else was working, and find lifelong friends in the community. When Prima-Temp acquired Kindara in 2018, the unison between Prima-Temp’s mission to provide advanced chronobiology technology for women who desire to take ownership of their health outcomes and Kindara’s mission was clear: this union of companies complement each other in providing women with scientifically backed and innovative solutions that advance women’s health.

In celebration of joining Prima-Temp’s solutions, the Priya Personal Fertility System and the Kindara Fertility Tracker App, we are excited to update the Kindara you love with a new look and feel.

 Our Products

The Colors: Blues, Orange, and Pink


Blue colors: Blue is a primary color that ties Priya and Kindara together and also represents what our solutions stand for. Blue has been found to be good for the body and the mind (1). Dark blue is also associated with what our solutions provide to women: depth, expertise and trust (2). Here at Prima-Temp, we believe smarter data supports better decisions. We work tirelessly to ensure women are receiving the most accurate data possible. Additionally, community and education are essential to health and wellbeing.

Orange colors: The color for cervical mucus is one of the biggest changes in your chart. Orange is associated with health, joy, freedom, and change (2), and thus, was the most appropriate color to represent cervical mucus. Even today, women are not taught about cervical mucus and how it is a natural body phenomenon that all women experience. CM tells women about their fertility and health, and needs to be celebrated and taught.

Pink colors: You will see pink for certain icons and to represent periods. Pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others. Pink also represents friendship, harmony, and inner peace all things that are essential for health and community (3).

Please join us in our quest to end the shaming and stigma around periods and celebrate periods with a color that means caring, compassion, and love.

Together, the colors are beautiful and powerful because in combination, they represent empowerment, freedom, and change with compassion and love.


Cervical Fluid > Cervical Mucus

An additional change you will find is that we no longer use cervical fluid to describe cervical mucus. The medically accurate terminology is cervical mucus (CM), while cervical fluid is a made-up name in an effort to avoid the negative connotations associated with the word "mucus." 

CM, however, is a biological phenomenon that women use to track their fertility and health for decisions that could be life altering. Textbooks, online resources and health care professionals all refer to CM as cervical mucus, and therefore, it should be called by the correct terminology to avoid confusion. 


The New Logo

The lotus flower is an incredibly special flower, with many meanings, including enlightenment and rising out of the pain and awareness. Flowers in general are a symbol of flourishing in adversity. 




The goal of our new logo was to portray an image that would identify our products, Priya and Kindara, as different but related, convey that we are both dependable and genuine, while also staying true to our roots of feminine empowerment. 

The petals of our new Kindara logo unfurled from the lotus petals of our Priya logo, representing our women’s digital health platform, nicely connecting our products.  



Kindara 7.0

We are excited to announce that both Android and iOS are moving up to version 7.0! A lot has changed, but here are the main updates for each system:


  • New colors and logo
  • Support for dark mode
  • Built-in symptom tracking
  • Better syncing with Apple Health


  • New colors and logo
  • Built-in symptom tracking
  • Updated cervical mucus entry
  • Updated sexual activity entry

Underneath the new coat of paint, we’re still the lovable Kindara that you’ve always been able to count on, now with more bells and whistles! 

We promise to continue to provide relevant, trustworthy information, stellar updates and products that will help you achieve your goals. We’ll keep you posted on all the ways we are growing and changing to serve you better.

We hope you love the new design as much as we do. You can look for it in your updates soon! We welcome comments and feedback here: support@kindara.com



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